Helping clients reach their goals in book production, distribution and marketing in both a time and cost effective manner is the purpose of the services offered by Integrated Book Marketing.

With a passion for small and independent presses, and with a goal making it all “work” in a highly competitive industry, Sharon Castlen strives to create the right integration of elements for each book, each series, each publishing company.

Each book, author and publisher is unique, bringing different topics, skills, contacts and needs to the table. Therefore, each client project is unique for Sharon, publishing consultant and book marketer. One-size-fits-all or “cookie cutter” options are not in her vocabulary.

After full discussion with each potential client, Sharon develops a proposal to assist THAT client with THEIR specific needs and goals.

Since each client has different objectives, needs, skills and time, the work by Integrated Book Marketing may involve all or a portion of the following services.


Each client wants to bring the best product to the marketplace. Most authors and publishers have a clear handle on their topic. However, they might not know the guidelines about front and back matter, back covers and other elements that separate a good book from an excellent book, impacting the marketability factor. So, the following services are offered as the author/publisher and Sharon work together:

  • Securing endorsements
  • Cover and title/subtitle consideration
  • Ordering of pages in front matter
  • Significance of the Foreword
  • Need for CIP Data Block
  • Importance of Note from the Author
  • Value of Index – Glossary
  • Marketing power of Resources
  • Value of Author/Speaker pages
  • Use of content on flaps
  • Marketing significance of Back Cover Copy
  • Industry standards for bar code, price and category
  • Need for e-book to expand revenue
  • Formatting for e-book to reach all readers


Each book has potential for sales in many physical and online locations. Where will those who read, purchase and refer your book be likely to find your book? These indicate your niche markets.

Traditional locations such as bookstores and libraries are important. Also important are online bookstores including and Equally critical these days are e-book reader sites. But what about all of those ‘other’ retail locations that might be strong candidates for your book? These might include children’s shops, golf shops, zoos, museum shops, gift shops, etc. The topic of each book can determine many potential locations and significantly expand your volume sales.

Sharon works with each client to determine their target markets and where those people will be likely to expect to find each book. She then creates a plan to get books into the following distribution channels

  • Traditional bookstore and library distributors and wholesalers
    • National exclusive distributors
    • National and regional wholesalers
    • E-book wholesalers/sites
  • Online bookstores
  • Wholesalers that focus on “other” retail locations
  • National Organizations that list resources/bookstores
  • Catalogs specific to the topic


A clear strategy to market any title is important. There is always more time and dollars to spend on marketing than authors and publisher have or need to be spending. Sharon works diligently to help a client determine the BEST use of time and dollars.

It begins with understanding who will read, purchase and refer your book. Once these target markets are understood, the plan and strategy can be developed to reach those—and only those— markets in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Sharon works with each client, regardless of where they are in the publishing journey. Whether they are working on their first book or their fifth, she looks at what has been done, the wish list of the client and what is important to do for enhancing sales from all potential options. The implementation of the plan may be completed by the author and publisher or may be done in tandem with Integrated Book Marketing when additional skills are needed.

The following list gives a window into the potential marketing elements that can be considered.

  • Determine target markets
  • Create strategic marketing plan for pre-launch, launch, and post-launch
  • Craft marketing elements plan for specific niche markets
  • Create production and marketing timeline so all work together with reduced stress and dollars
  • Assist authors in knowing their role and understanding their skills and interests in the marketing process
  • New world of media – traditional and social – significance of both
  • Building collateral materials – what is needed for each book
  • Securing endorsements
  • Determining and pitching to “other” retail establishments
  • Value of marketing programs with wholesalers
  • Identifying awards and their value
  • Importance of book industry or topic industry trade shows
  • Communicating with distributors and wholesalers for sales potential

All services of Integrated Book Marketing are available to all clients. However, clients come with specific needs and only need some of the services offered. We work together to determine the right combination to help the client reach their specific objectives and goals in a time and cost-effective process.

We look forward to working with you!